Discover the healthy hair benefits of Monii Hair and Makeup Cape

Air dry hair comfortably

Protect your clothes from makeup and product messes

Monii Hair and Makeup Cape: A New Standard in Air Drying Hair Products for Healthy Hair

The traditional hair towel, hair turban, or regular towel hasn't seen much revolutionary advancement for dealing with post-shower wet hair, and notably, these options aren't optimal for the health of our hair. Wet hair is delicate and more prone to damage, so the last thing it needs is the rough treatment or tension that can come from a twisted towel or hair turban. If you prioritize healthy hair, you'll love incorporating the Monii hair and makeup cape into your hair routine. It’s a new haircare product, designed to be a pivotal addition to your healthy hair journey, and is unlike anything you've seen before. Monii comfortably drapes over your shoulders and remains securely in place to catch any wet hair drips, allowing your hair to air dry without stress from pulling or rough towel friction. The outer satin layer is excellent for maintaining smooth hair and reducing frizz, while the inner cotton layer feels comfortable against your skin, absorbing excess water. The large back pocket catches your wet hair drips, and the two front pockets are handy for holding your essentials!

Versatility: For All Hair Types

Monii is versatile, making it an ideal choice for all hair types during the hair wash day routine: whether you have curly, natural, textured, long, or grey hair. It’s especially beneficial for those with low porosity hair types, as they typically take longer to dry.

Monii for All Women and Professional Stylists

Monii is a game-changing hair accessory for every woman's wash day routine and is exceptionally suited for hair and makeup artists, as well as beauty salons, seeking to provide enhanced comfort and protection for their clients. It serves as a convenient solution for busy moms on the go, offering ease and practicality. Be sure to visit our Bridal page to discover why Monii is indispensable for brides and how it can be a considerate, personalized gift for bridesmaids.