The Hair Drying and Makeup Cape

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Bid Farewell to Pesky Wet Hair Drips

Transform Your Post-Shower Experience

Imagine dressing without the hassle of wet hair drips on your body and air-drying your hair without soaking your shirt. Monii is the game-changer you never knew you needed!

Textured, Kinky, Curly, and Wavy Hair

Curly Girls, Meet Your New Must-Have

Monii stays in place, keeping your neck and shoulders dry from wet hair drips and guards against sticky styling products, ensuring a clean and comfortable styling experience you never imagined!

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Stay Spotless Through Every Brush Stroke

Shield Your Outfit From Makeup Mishaps

Monii acts as your personal barrier, safeguarding your outfit from makeup stains, ensuring you remain pristine from the first touch of foundation to the final swipe of mascara.





Make it Personal

Customize Monii For Wedding Parties Or Everyday Use

Personalize Monii for someone special, for your bridesmaids, or make it yours! Embroider with a name, initial, monogram and/or a date. Our personalized Monii makes the perfect gift for a bride or her bridal party.

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Why Women Love Monii

Vivian Roach

I wish I had a Monii years ago. I can finally get dressed and multitask without my long wet hair dripping everywhere.

Lauren Gassel

As a makeup artist I always lose track of what brushes I’m using, now I can keep them all in one place in the pockets of my Monii.

Tatiana K

I never have time to blow dry my hair before getting my kids off to school. Lately I’ve been throwing on my Monii and I’m out the door.

Add Monii To Your Bridal Checklist

Protect your bridal gown with Monii, ensuring a stress-free and picture-perfect getting-ready experience, complete with convenient pockets for essentials and personalized details that make it uniquely yours.

Meet the CEO & Founder

The Monii Story

Born from the frustration of handling wet hair post-shower, Monii was created by our visionary founder, Mona, as a superior alternative to traditional towels and turbans. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Monii offers a versatile, functional, and luxurious hair and makeup solution that enhances daily self-care routines. Embrace the comfort and convenience of Monii, and transform your approach to achieving healthy hair goals. Experience the Monii difference today.

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