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The Hair and Makeup Beauty Cape

stay dry and clean with the monii

Comfort Convenience Protection

Comfortably air dry your hair, keeping wet drips at bay with ease. Protect your clothes from makeup, hairspray, styling products, hair dye, and all messy beauty routines you do at home. The Monii cape drapes effortlessly over your shoulders and stays securely in place. The large back pocket catches wet hair drips, while the front pockets conveniently store hair and makeup accessories.

Experience the difference Monii can make in your daily routines.

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The Monii hair and makeup cape is an essential part of every bride’s getting-ready outfit. It shields your treasured wedding gown during hair and makeup applications, touch-ups, and multiple outfit transitions, safeguarding against unexpected spills and mishaps during multiple makeup and hairstyle adjustments. Use the convenient front pockets to store extra bobby pins, your cell phone, or tissues for those impromptu teary-eyed moments with family. Personalize Monii with “the Mrs.” creating a distinctive keepsake that serves as a daily reminder of your cherished wedding day.

Customer Reviews

Why Women Love Monii

I wish I had a Monii years ago. I can finally get dressed and multitask without my long wet hair dripping everywhere.

Vivian Roach, college student

Meet the CEO & Founder

The Monii Story

Monii was born from the all-too-familiar frustration of dealing with dripping wet hair after a shower. Our visionary founder, Mona, sought a comfortable solution for air-drying hair that could offer a better alternative to the existing towels and turbans in the market. With meticulous attention to detail, Monii evolved into a versatile and functional hair and makeup product, offering comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury to women’s everyday routines. Monii encourages women to embrace self-care, motivating them to achieve their healthy hair goals with ease. Experience the transformative difference Monii can bring into your life.