Introducing MONII

The Beginning

On a chilly November day, Mona Patel’s thick wet hair was soaking her sweater as she air dried it, so she grabbed a cotton burp cloth, threw it over her shoulders and secured it with a safety pin. She asked her husband to snap a photo of the moment, which is how Mona ended up with a photo of the precise moment her business, Monii, was born.

Mona Patel, Woman Owned & Operated

CEO & Founder

As a CPA with a degree in Accounting, Mona has worked at companies like Deloitte and Fannie Mae for nearly two decades. A professional problem solver, she thrives on figuring out the fastest, most efficient way of getting things done. Monii is the manifestation of this mindset, solving a common problem that thousands of people encounter each time they step out of the shower.

The Vision

Luxuriously Practical

With a strict attention to the detail, Mona set forth creating a uniquely necessary product that didn’t yet exist. Monii does everything from keeping you dry while your hair is dripping, to protecting your clothing from makeup, to simply organizing your styling tools while you get ready. Mona’s vision is to see Monii as a staple in every bathroom to add luxury, comfort, and convenience to every getting-ready routine. A portion of every Monii purchase is donated to organizations that provide mental health resources to women.

Monii is your next beauty essential

Multi-purposeful from the shower to your vanity, you’ll never want to go without it

Everyday Monii


Personalize Your Monii

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