Monii Bridal Hair and Makeup Cape White Satin


A Must-Have for Bride's Wedding Day Prep

A Bride's Essential: The Beauty Cape designed to protect wedding gowns from hairspray and makeup prep


Monii for Brides

Every Bride's Must-Have: Why Monii Belongs on Your Wedding Day Checklist

  • Protect your wedding gown from makeup and hairspray stains.
  • Preserve the details of your dress for flawless photographs in any light.
  • Keep your phone and tissues close for those teary moments.
  • Feel warm and cozy throughout the day with the double-layered Monii.
  • Protect your outfits during hair and makeup touch-ups after the "I dos."

Don’t forget to add Monii to your wedding day checklist!

create your first cherished keepsake as a "Mrs."

Personalize for the Bride

Embroider with a name, initials, or monogram; or with "Bride", "Mrs.", or your wedding date

Why Industry Experts + Brides Love Monii


I love that I was able to do a makeup trial wearing my white Monii. It helped the makeup artist, and myself, see how my makeup would look against my white dress for the day of my wedding! A Bridal makeup must have!


The quality is incredible and it is really comfortable to wear. I love the little pockets, too. It's nice how thick it is so hairspray doesn't go through it. I have seen when brides wear the satin robe with "Bride" on the back in gems. The spray goes through the robe onto their back, except for where the gems were. In their flash photos, all the hairspray reflects and you can see the word bride on her back. There is no way that would be an issue here. I am excited to show all of my clients!

Delaware Seaside Bride

Every bride looks forward to being treated like a princess in the bridal suite. A whole team of people dote over every last detail of the beauty routine, a luxury not commonly afforded. There’s only one last essential that might’ve been overlooked.

A One-of-a-Kind Treasure for Your Bridal Party

A Bridesmaid Gift Revolution!

  • A truly unique bridesmaid gift that stands out from the ordinary.
  • An innovative alternative to the often-unused silk robes, pajamas, and slippers.
  • A refreshing departure from the typical bridesmaid gifts of jewelry boxes, jewelry, and tumblers.
  • A gift destined to be an everyday essential, evoking fond memories of your special day.

Personalize the Monii cape with their names to elevate your gift, making it as unique and unforgettable as the bond you share.

PERSONALIZE MONII HAIR and MAKEUP CAPE | Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift