The Most Annoying Parts of Getting Ready

The Most Annoying Parts of Getting Ready

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Are you still putting up with these annoying parts of your getting-ready routine?

  • Wet hair drips on your back while you get dressed.
  • Bulky towel over your head or on your shoulders to keep wet hair out of your way.

  • Or wet hair that gets your clothes damp while you air dry your hair?
  • Using an old t-shirt as a shield from sticky hair styling product residue while you air dry or diffuse your hair?
  • Deciding whether to get dressed first, or put your makeup on first– either way, you might smudge your makeup on your clothes!
  • Accidentally burning your neck with your curling iron or flat iron?
  • Can’t remember where you put your phone down while you get ready… on the bed? …in the closet? …in the bathroom?
  • What about splattering toothpaste foam on your shirt from brushing your teeth after you are dressed and ready to go?

These are some the most annoying parts of our getting ready routines, yet we’re accustomed to “just dealing with it” or using a bulky towel, a hair turban, or an old t-shirt as a makeshift solution.

Meet Monii

Meet Monii!

Monii is a novel solution to dealing with wet hair drips, and much more!

Your hair and beauty routine just got a whole lot easier and more elegant. Monii is a functional combination of a towel, hair turban, and cape, designed for an experience of luxury, comfort, and convenience in your daily getting-ready routine.

Monii is a perfect solution for keeping wet hair drips and sticky hair products off your skin and clothes while you air dry, diffuse, or blow dry your hair. Long or short hair, curly or straight, Monii has you covered! Monii also saves your outfits from makeup messes and protects your neck from heat-styling tools.

Our signature Monii all-in-one beauty essential is made from 100% cotton terry fabric with a luxe satin outer layer to protect your hair from frizz. Monii is cleverly designed to comfortably drape over your shoulders while leaving your arms free, and the back pocket is designed to catch and absorb water from long, wet hair. Simply tuck long hair in the back pocket for a tangle-free way to air dry hair without the trouble of juggling a falling towel.

Optimal Design

Monii boasts a stylish yet functional design, featuring:

  • A single closure at the neck (bamboo or satin) to keep it in place while you get ready. Easy on and off!

  • A luxe satin outer layer to keep hair soft and smooth and prevent breakage and frizz.

  • A 100% terry cotton inner layer that feels soft against your skin while quickly absorbing water from your wet hair while you air dry your hair or wait to blow dry.

  • A high collar protects your neck from heat-styling tools.

  • A wide back pocket to catch drips from wet hair.

  • Two convenient front pockets with built-in elastics to keep your essentials (hair ties, bobby pins, combs, brushes) handy. You can store your phone in your pocket and talk hands-free as you get ready!

  • A hook loop on the back collar to hang dry after use



Monii offers more uses than you can imagine! Use Monii in your daily routine, whether it’s makeup, skincare, hair styling or dyeing, brushing teeth with an electric toothbrush that splatters, cooking, art & crafts projects, or eating on-the-go in the car! Less mess to worry about and more time to focus on you!

Monii Care

Monii is the must-have everyday essential in your bathroom. Hang dry your Monii using the convenient hook on the back of the collar after use. Wash as needed. Machine wash on gentle cycle, tumble dry on low setting, and do not bleach.

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