The Benefits of Air Drying Your Hair

The Benefits of Air Drying Your Hair

Blow drying our hair has become such a common part of our getting ready routines, and blow dryer technology continues to advance, with so many options for us to choose from. While blow drying is becoming more and more efficient, there's still an even simpler solution: air drying. Air drying your hair requires less tools, less effort, and can even be healthier for your hair.

Check out the benefits of air drying below!

1. Say Goodbye to Heat Damage

When heat styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons become a regular part of your routine, it can start to take a toll on the health of your hair. This is because excessive heat can cause irreversible damage to your hair.

High heat temperatures applied to the hair weakens the strands, making them prone to breakage. Too much heat can also remove the natural moisture in your hair, making it dry and vulnerable to damage. Additionally, dry hair is more prone to split ends and tangles.

Heat-damaged hair often looks dull, brittle, and frizzy, which is never what we want! The good news is that air drying your hair greatly reduces your risk of heat damage, which can protect your hair and keep it strong and health. Why not give air drying a try?

2. Embrace Your Natural Texture

Using a blow dryer to dry your hair often requires manipulating your hair during the process with a paddle brush, round brush, or blow dryer attachment. Using these tools make the blow-drying process easier, but it can also change the texture and shape of your hair, typically pulling your tresses straight when perhaps they are naturally wavy, curly, or coily.

While it's perfectly okay (and fun!) to change your look, sometimes it can be nice to embrace your natural hair texture as well! Air drying your hair allows your hair to dry in its natural state, and along with using styling products designed specifically for your hair texture, you can show off your natural hair with confidence and style!

3. Save Time

Let's face it: time is precious! And when you have long hair, thick hair, dry hair, or textured hair, blow drying your hair properly can take a long time.

Save time by air drying instead! And when you use your Monii while you air dry, you never have to worry about your wet hair dripping all over your clothes - simply throw it over your shoulders and go about your day. More time for you to conquer the day!

Air Dry in Style with Monii

Monii is the perfect companion to your air-drying routine. Our signature Monii all-in-one beauty essential features a 100% terry cotton liner that quickly absorbs water from your wet hair and a luxe satin outer layer that helps reduce frizz. The wide back pocket is designed to catch dripping water from long, wet hair - simply tuck your hair in the back pocket for a tangle-free way to air dry your hair!

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