Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaid gifts are a lovely way to say thank you to your bridal party and treat them to something special. But often, brides worry about what exactly to give their bridesmaids to say thank you, especially since many have been bridesmaids before and have collected variations of the same bridal party knickknacks over and over.

So how do you give your bridesmaids a gift that they will actually love and want to use beyond your wedding day? Consider gifting them something personalized! Personalized gifts are a great way to make your bridesmaids feel special.

Girl in grey pajamas

Personalized Pajama Set

Many brides enjoy taking pictures with their bridal party in matching “getting ready” outfits. This is often why gifting robes is quite popular, especially in your wedding colors. However, rather than matching robes, consider a personalized pajama set instead! You can have the set monogrammed or embroidered with their names or nicknames. Your bridesmaids are more likely to wear pajamas again, especially if they are comfortable! And instead of gifting them in your wedding colors, consider gifting them in a color they love! You can still take a getting-ready photo all together, and the variety of colors can make your photos quite artful.

Travel coffee mug

Customized Drinkware

Instead of a cliché drink koozie that says “bridesmaid” or “bride tribe,” try gifting personalized drinkware instead. Is one of your bridesmaids a big coffee drinker? Gift them a nice travel mug customized with their name! Or perhaps you have bridesmaids who love hiking and the outdoors? Gift them a customized stainless steel water bottle. There are all sorts of other options—tumblers, wine glasses—you name it! Gifting drinkware based on your bridesmaids’ taste shows them that you know them well.

Custom tote bag

Customized Tote Bag

Tote bags are incredibly useful! They are great for helping your bridal party keep all of their items organized on the wedding day, but if the bags say “bridesmaid” on them, it limits how often your bridesmaids will use them again. However, a tote that’s personalized with their name, initials, zodiac sign, etc., is a nice touch that will encourage your bridesmaids to use the totes after the wedding as well.

Catchall tray

Customized Catchall Tray

Catchall trays and bowls are great and super handy—they can be used for just about anything! They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in many places as well. Use them in your entryway for keys, in your bedroom for jewelry or hair accessories, or at your desk for office supplies. Gift them to your bridesmaids in their favorite color and personalize them with their name, initials, a nice phrase, etc. This cute and practical gift will be sure to make your bridesmaids smile!

Custom bridesmaid Monii

Personalized Beauty Cape

Want to give your bridesmaids something both incredibly useful and unique? Gift them a personalized Monii Beauty Cape! Monii is a new beauty essential that is designed to protect your skin and clothes from wet hair drips, sticky styling products, makeup messes, heat styling mishaps, and so much more! Moni’s luxe satin outer layer keeps your hair smooth by preventing frizz, and its high collar protects your neck from heat styling tools. The wide back pocket catches drips from wet hair, and the two front pockets conveniently hold hair accessories, makeup brushes, and much more.

Monii can save your bridal party from makeup mishaps on your big day, and your bridesmaids will continue using Monii long after you say, “I do!”

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