Monii Promotes Healthy Hair Routines

Discover the Benefits of Monii Hair and Makeup Cape

Protect your clothes from makeup and product messes

Benefits of Monii Hair and Makeup Cape: A New Standard for Post-Shower Comfort and Healthy Hair

We've all been there—wrapping wet hair in a towel turban or letting it hang loose, only to be annoyed by the uncomfortable feeling of wet drips on our necks and clothes. Not to mention, both of these options aren't the best for our hair's health. Wet hair is delicate and more susceptible to damage, so the last thing it needs is rough treatment or tension from a twisted towel. Introducing Monii hair and makeup cape, a revolutionary product unlike anything you've seen before, designed to be a game-changer in your healthy hair journey. Monii drapes over your shoulders and stays in place, offering a dual-layer solution: an outer satin layer to keep your hair smooth and an inner cotton layer to absorb excess water. It tackles the discomfort of post-shower wet hair while being gentle on your most fragile strands, giving you the comfort that does not exist in any other product on the market today.

The Science: Monii & Healthy Hair

Wet hair is at its most vulnerable, prone to breakage and damage. Did you know that wet hair can stretch up to 30% of its original length and snap?  Monii is more than just an air-dry hair product; it's your shield against breakage and split ends, designed for a comprehensive and healthy hair routine. It's the ultimate heatless product for hair.

Versatility: The Many Ways to Monii

Whether you're a hairstylist seeking to elevate client experiences in their healthy hair routine, a DIY hair-coloring enthusiast, or navigating a curly hair wash day, Monii has you covered—literally. It's an air-dry hair product that shields against makeup stains, hair sprays, and even toothpaste splatters. Busy moms will love how Monii helps air dry hair on the go, keeping them dry and fuss-free for their packed day ahead.